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Cover Art: Pink Gradiva byAlbert Gabriel Nigrin ©2018

Special Promotions and Events:
-All films screened that arepart of the New Jersey Film Festival Competition
between September 14 and October 7 are New Jersey or Area Premieres!
-The 5PM Screening on October 14 and the 7PM Screenings on October 12 and 26 are FREE!
-Free Parking in Rutgers University lots near the screening space!

Friday-September 14-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Whoever Was Using This Bed - Andrew Marc Kotatko  (Annandale, NSW, Australia)
Starring an internationally acclaimed cast, including Jean-Marc Barr, Radha Mitchell, and Jane Birkin, this taut, psychological drama is based on a short story by Raymond Carver. When a husband and wife are woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call, they find themselves drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. 2018; 25 min.

Funny Story - Michael Gallagher (Beverly Hills, California)

Funny Story is a tragicomedy about the ties that bind us. After years of being a neglectful father, a womanizing TV star decides to crash his estranged daughter’s vacation.  As it confronts the destructive power of narcissism, Funny Story moves to celebrate the healing power of forgiveness, and the joy of taking part in karaoke after a round of tequila shots. 2018; 85 min.
Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!

Saturday-September 15-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Soot - Drake Woodall (Brooklyn, New York)

In this beautifully eerie short film, a woman waits for the return of her long absent husband. 2018; 14 min.

It’s A Mess - Frank Prinzi (New York, New York)

It’s a Mess is both a modern-day fairytale, and an ode to the solitude of New York City.  As it enters the night-worlds inhabited by a  homeless man with a troubled past (played by Vincent D'Onofrio), and by two young sisters with a dark secret, it unfolds as a study of the loneliness that comes from knowing that innocence and evil are separated by a fine mist that dissipates after sunset. 2018; 29 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Frank Prinzi!

The Luring - Christopher Wells (Brooklyn, New York)

In this compelling psychological thriller, a man tries to recover a lost memory about something that took place on his tenth birthday. Unbeknownst to him, he was found that day in a non-responsive state, which resulted in an extended stay in an institution. Psychiatrists call this state dissociative amnesia - a loss of memory due to a traumatic event - and Garrett will soon learn that some memories are best kept forgotten. 2018; 109 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Christopher Wells and Producer Brian Berg as well as members of the cast and crew!

Sunday-September 16-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

BPM - Greg Robbins (Weehawken, New Jersey)

A jogger searching for cheap thrills stumbles upon something more exhilarating. 2018; 4 min.

Piano - Brendan Walsh (Tuckerton, New Jersey)

In this touching short film, a piano technician arrives at a house for a scheduled tuning at a fateful moment. 2018; 5 min.

Broken Lullaby - Bill McGarvey and Stella Rosen (Hoboken, New Jersey)

Musical notes come to life in this charming animated film. 2018; 3 min.

Icons - Ronnie Cramer (Denver, Colorado)

Experience 500 years of world art in five minutes! Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, rendered with a nylon-tip pen, this dazzling animated film also features a musical soundtrack created by the artist-director. 2018; 5 min. 

Divert Lea - Michael Obiazi (Brooklyn, New York)

A family with special powers is on the verge of being captured by an evil organization. What is the best way to survive--to run? Or to stay and fight? 2018; 9 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Michael Obiazi!

Onikuma - Alessia Cechet (Soquel, California)

Combining live action with stop motion, this short, animated film tells the story of two women who, after wandering in the snow, learn that demons can appear in different forms. 2018; 12 min.

Hi-Five the Cactus - Christopher Allan Thomas (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The inhabitants of a small desert town suffer a devastating drought. Their only hope lies with an old cactus lovingly named Hi-Five.  Can Hi-Five’s selfless sacrifice keep this dusty town alive? 2018; 12 min.

My Tourette's - Alessandro Molatore (Mexico City, Mexico)

This compassionate documentary follows five individuals struggling with the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome: ticks, jerks, and painful, uncontrollable bodily and verbal disruptions. For Isabella, Nick, Alex, Carysa, and Marc, Tourette’s has presented a life of isolation and prejudice, depriving them of their dreams and aspirations. Yet, hope is not lost. Researchers believe they might have a solution for Tourette’s, that will allow these young people to discover that they are more than what they know themselves to be.  2018; 75 min. Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Office of Disability Services and the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!

Thursday-September 20-Ruth Admas Bldg. #001-6PM $12; $10; $9

Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer - Thom Anderson 
This much-lauded documentary celebrates the work of the photographer and cinema pioneer Eadweard Muybridge.   Assisted by filmmaker Morgan Fisher, Andersen re-photographed and then animated more than 3,000 of Muybridge's sequential images, giving new life to the experiments that Muybridge conducted at the end of the nineteenth century.   Andersen’s documentary is that rare feat of filmmaking:  it works as film criticism, and also as an investigation of cinema’s primordial years, when moving pictures, as a new medium of artistic representation, were being invented.  1975; 64 min. Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department and the Zimmerli Art Museum!

Friday-September 21-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Sac De Merde - Greg Chwerchak (New York, New York)

Based on a true story, this kooky comedy tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams. 2018; 13 min.
You Go To My Head - Dimitri de Clercq (Ghent, Belgium)
In a desolate stretch of the Sahara desert, a mysterious car accident leaves a young woman lost and alone.  When Jake, a reclusive architect, finds her unconscious, he drives her to the nearest doctor, to discover that she's suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. Intoxicated by the woman’s beauty, Jake claims to be her husband, and takes her to his remote desert home to recuperate. As she struggles to figure out who she really is, Jake invents an elaborate life they can share. But when shreds of her own past begin to surface, Jake increasingly lives in fear of losing the love of his life.  2018; 116 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Dimitri de Clercq! Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University French Department!

Sunday-September 23-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9
Love, Work and Knowledge: The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich - 
Glenn Orkin and Kevin T. Hinchey (New York, New York) 
Four days before the outbreak of World War ll, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a prominent Austrian psychiatrist and an outspoken anti-Nazi, arrived in New York to teach at the New School for Social Research. Yet, despite his university position, and his renown, four U.S. government agencies moved to censor Reich's work. His books and research journals were banned by a Federal Court order in the 1950's.  Integrating primary materials, scholarly interviews, and eye-witness accounts, Love, Work, and Knowledge: The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich, presents a narrative of Reich's life and work, to explore the events that led up to this heinous example of censorship in America. 2018; 100 min.  With a Post-Screening Panel Discussion featuring: James Strick, Professor and Chair, Program in Science, Technology and Society, Franklin and Marshall College, and author of Wilhelm Reich, Biologist (Harvard University Press, 2015); Joseph Heckman, Professor of Soil Science, Rutgers University; and Tom DiFerdinando, an orgonomic researcher, and Independent Pain, Injury, Stress and Trauma Therapist.

Friday-September 28-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World - Annamaria Talas (Newport, NSW, Australia)
The Kingdom tells an incredible story about fungi—organisms that made life on land possible. Neither plants nor animals, fungi represent a third mode of life and belong to their own kingdom.  By studying fungi in the context of evolution and natural history, scientists are making extraordinary, new discoveries about these life-forms. Some fungi may well save us, while others might threaten us, and we are just beginning to understand which is which.  2018; 53 min. 
Rodents Of Unusual Size - Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler & Jeff Springer (San Francisco, California)
Thomas Gonzales, a Louisiana fisherman, doesn't know what will hit him next. After decades of hurricanes and oil spills he faces a new threat: hordes of 20-pound swamp rats. Known as "nutria,” these invasive South American rodents breed faster than the roving squads of hunters can control them. And with their orange teeth and voracious appetite, they are eating up the coastal wetlands that protect Thomas and his town of Delacroix Island from hurricanes. In this documentary about nature thrown out of balance, and the impact of climate change, it comes down to man vs. rodent. 2018; 71 min.  Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) Honors Program and the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!!

Friday-October 5-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Let Mercy Come - Andrew Serban (New York, New York)

A young woman is forced to take a stand when her white supremacist cohorts attempt to commit a hate crime against a Syrian refugee. In the process, she learns the meaning of tolerance and acceptance.  2018; 23 min.

PATIRI in the promised land - Page Cooper Anderson and Dana Marissa Schoenfeld (New York, New York)

A young immigrant from Zimbabwe befriends a bookstore owner, in hopes of forming an alliance that could help her remain in her country of choice. 2018; 25 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Page Cooper Anderson!

JFK The Last Speech - Bestor Cram (Boston, Massachussetts)

 JFK The Last Speech movingly documents the bond between President John F. Kennedy and the poet Robert Frost—as well as a surprising encounter with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev at the height of the Cold War. Born out of these events was the last, remarkable speech that Kennedy gave, a speech about poetry and power, which altered the lives of a group of Amherst College classmates, who witnessed Kennedy deliver the speech on their campus. 2018; 58 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Bestor Cram! Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department and the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!

Sunday-October 7-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Eli – Collin Gerard (Vancouver, Canada)
A terrorist attack raises uncomfortable questions about immigration, identity and morality. When a group of disillusioned strangers encounter Eli, an elderly man, can the harrowing events from his past influence their future? 2018; 11 min.

Baba Babee Skazala: Grandmother Told Grandmother - Matej Sileky (Verona, New Jersey)

A deeply moving documentary that brings to light the little-known story of Ukrainian children, who were torn from their homes, and their nation, when the Nazis invaded the territory of Ukraine and clashed with the Soviet army at the height of World War II. Spending their childhoods as refugees in Europe, these Ukrainians later immigrated to the United States, creating new homes and communities through their grit, faith, and enduring belief in the importance of preserving their culture. 2018; 70 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Matej Sileky and
Producer Julie Parker! Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Cinema Studies Program!

Thursday-October 11-Ruth Admas Bldg. #001-6PM $12; $10; $9

Discover a wide array of American experimental films from the 1940s through the 1960s.  Tonight’s program will feature films by Sidney Peterson, Storm de Hirsch, Marie Menken, Andy Warhol, and others. 80 min. Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department and the Zimmerli Art Museum!

Friday-October 12-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM FREE!!

Mulan: Legendary Warrior - Jingle Ma
When barbarian hordes threaten her homeland, the brave and cunning Mulan disguises herself as a male soldier, and joins in the fight against the invaders. Her remarkable courage enables her to triumph in battle.  But as she loses dear friends to the enemy's blade, and rises to become one of her country's most valuable leaders, can she win the war before her secret is exposed? In Mandarin, subtitled. 1989; 142 min.
Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

Sunday-October 14-Voorhees Hall #105-5PM FREE!

Moving Words - ARTS By The People 
Moving Words: ARTS By the People
celebrates the art of collaboration between writers and filmmakers. Writers who submit their works to this project will see their words transformed into short films by animation students from various international animation schools. The goal of this unique event is to empower and inspire writers of all ages to tap into their inner creativity.  Likewise, Moving Words encourages young animators to bring words to life through their visual art. 2018; 60 min. Moving Words is an ARTS By The People project made possible by a generous grant from The Santiago Abut Foundation, in loving memory of Santiago Abut.

Sunday-October 14-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Best of the Summer 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival - Part 1
Goose in High Heels - John R. Dilworth (New York, New York)

An animated tale told through three intertwined stories.  As a writer struggles to complete a masterpiece, about love, betrayal, and horror based on childhood memories, he encounters an unnatural force, and realizes his true prize. 2017; 22 min. Winner Best Animated Film at the 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival!
Vianey - Marko Vuorinen  (Helsinki, Finland)
A raw, lyrical documentary about the life and hardships of the female hip hop artist Vianey Otero, also known by the stage name So Icey Trap. This intensely personal coming-of-age story reveals the reality behind growing up on the streets, time  in jail, and the fate of a female artist in the music industry. Vianey tells her story with unapologetic strength, humanity, and striking honesty. 2018; 55 min. Winner Best Documentary Film at the 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival!

Friday-October 19-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10;$9

Best of the Summer 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival - Part 2
Crazy Hive - Shi Wei (Shanghai, China)

In this comedy/thriller, Lu, a 45-year-old man, works an ordinary job and lives an ordinary life in the suburbs of Shanghai. One day, on his way back home, he discovers a corpse on the lawn of his home, and everything goes crazy. In Mandarin, subtitled. 2017; 13 min. Winner Best Short Film at the 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival! Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

Bullitt County - David McCracken (Los Angeles, California)

Four drinking buddies with a dark secret reunite after ten years, for a bachelor party on the Bluegrass Bourbon Trail.  When the friends discover that their favorite distillery has been turned into a winery, the newly sober groom, Gordie, seizes on an even better adventure:  a search for a stash of buried Prohibition money deep in the woods of Kentucky. The others reluctantly join him on his quest, only to discover there's something much more dangerous than cursed treasure. 2018; 96 min. Winner Best Feature Film at the 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival.

Friday-October 26-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM FREE!!

The Killer – John Woo
John Woo’s classic ballet of bullets! Mob assassin Jeffrey (Chow Yun-Fat) is no ordinary hired gun:  he is the best in his business, and he views his chosen profession as a calling.  But when a beautiful nightclub singer is blinded in the crossfire of his most recent hit, Jeffrey chooses one last job in order to pay for his unintended victim's sight-restoring operation.  Finding himself double-crossed, Jeffrey reluctantly joins forces with a rogue policeman to make things right. In Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese, subtitled. 1989; 142 min.
Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

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All Ruth Adams Building programs begin at 6:00PM. All Voorhees Hall programs begin at either 5:00 PM or 7:00 PM. Films are screened in the order listed.


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NOTE: Our primary screening location, Voorhees Hall #105, features comfortable seats, stadium seating, and a state-of-the-art hi-definition projection and sound system. We can also provide listening assistive devices, without charge, to those who are hearing impaired.  Please contact us 48 hours prior to a screening so that we can arrange to have these listening assistive devices available for your use.

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